Taz: Here to Help with Student Stuff

 This is the personal statement that I wrote in 2007 when I applied to Cambridge, Warwick, LSE, Birmingham and Nottingham universities. It is only one example, and it is personal so therefore would be of little use to plagiarise. If anything, I think that it shows how there is no template for a personal statement - but there are boxes that need to be ticked.

I actually did not use any example personal statements to help me with mine. This is not because I'm super smart. There are some great personal statements on the internet, but they probably won't say what you want them to say. You are selling yourself - it's a very personal thing and some randomer that you'd find on Google cannot do that for you. Other people did help me with my statement though, by reading through it, looking for spelling and grammar mistakes and telling me honestly what worked and what did not.

Personal statement tips from me and from other sites can be found here >>

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