Taz: Shamelessly Promoting My Uni


Have you thought about applying to university? If you have, are you considering the red brick or Russell Group universities? If you are, then you should also be considering the University of Cambridge.

Applying here was a very daunting thought because of the reputation of the university. The learning experience here is a little different to other unis, and the application process is also quite different (you don't just pop Cambridge in as one of your UCAS form options and carry on). It's very helpful, therefore, to be able to chat with someone who can explain to you what you need to know, about life here and about applying (e.g. what's required of you, and the stages of the application). Again, you can ask me questions about this.

Cambridge is a "collegiate university", which means that it is split into many different colleges and students belong to just one of these. I belong to Selwyn College, so I can give you extensive information on what it's like to be at Selwyn in particular. As a Politics, Psychology and Sociology student I can also give you specific information on this course.

There are quite a few very good sources of information on the university already; the top two links in the Links and Resources panel are for the University of Cambrige and the Cambridge University Students' Union. They both provide information such as what's different about Cambridge, what it's like to work and live in Cambridge, what's expected of students, which subjects are studied here and how the unique admissions system works. Other good sources of information on unis in general (for comparison) include The Times Good University Guide and The Student Room. If you wade around these websites for a few minutes you will surely come across some good insights and probably all you really need to know. Nevertheless, don't be afraid to contact me (taz.help@googlemail.com) if there is something you'd like to know, and I'll see how far I can help you. 

 Links and Resources

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