Taz's Student Service: Free Friendly Feedback


Have you ever wanted a bit of general help with your work or for someone to give you tips on your UCAS personal statement?

It's great to ask the people around you for their opinions, for example your teachers or your relatives. However, there aren't too many other options. Sometimes you might want a more objective opinion, or an opinion from someone who has recently been where you are now. There are services out there that can check over your work, as well as similar services such as private tuition. However, these services can cost money and they sometimes require commitment.

My name is Taz and I am here to offer this kind of help for you out of the goodness of my heart :) I am a third year Politics, Psychology and Sociology undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge. I attended Haydon School in Pinner before going to uni, and my experience of it is still fresh in my mind. Essay-based subjects and the social sciences are my forte, and I have knowledge of the uni application process to boot.

I have recently been put in contact with secondary school pupils as part of Cambridge's Access Scheme and I know that many people wish there was more support, advice and help available to them informally.

So if you need help or a bit of a confidence-boost then drop me a message via the Help Me tab or directly to taz.help@googlemail.com and I will be happy to help if I can.

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